April 10, 2015

Services and Pricing

On Site Support
$50/h hourly rate for IT training & education
$75/h hourly rate for on-site service
$60 simple network setup (configuring wireless router and connecting computers)
$60/h complex network setup (network jack installation and network cable runs)
Data Transfer
$35 simple file transfer
$60/h data recovery (data recovery, partition recovery, etc)
$50 backup hard drive to DVD + $5 / addition disk (cost includes media and is priced per CD)
Basic Services
$60 system tune up (update drivers, windows updates, virus / spyware scan, check disk, defrag)
$45 system cleaning (clean dust from system, reseat cards / cables, verify all fans are functioning)
$100 virus removal
$125 system assembly with customer provided parts
$35 memory installation
$50 CPU installation
$25 hard drive installation – simple (single drive, formatted & tested)
$60 hard drive installation – complex (RAID setup, SCSI, etc… formatted & tested)
$25 CDROM installation
$30 single internal card – simple (video card, sound card, SCSI card, etc…)
$45 single internal card – somplex (video cards in SLI, raid controller, etc…)
$25 peripheral installation for single device (external hard drive, printer, scanner, etc…)
$35 peripheral trouble shooting for single device (printer, scanner, etc…)
OS/Software Configuration
$100 operating system install – windows (any version)
$60/h operating system install – linux
$30 software installation per title
Data Retention
$10/Gb / month  data storage (includes FTP account)
Video Editing
$40/h VHS – DVD + $5 per additional copy (cost per hour of video)
$40 video – DVD simple + $5 per additional copy (cost includes media and is priced per CD)
$40/h video – DVD complex + $5 per additional copy (ie. editing, splicing, combining multiple videos to one movie)
Domain Setup
$40 Setup account with registrar, search and setup domain, e-mail, etc

**Please note: domain payments are NOT included and are a separate bill dictated by the length of time that you would like it registered. (ie. $6/year for .com)**

Domain Hosting
 unlimited e-mail addresses
max e-mail size 50mb
no mailbox size limit
5 sub domains
Additional Services
e-mail accounts – $2/month
web space – $5/month
sub-domains – $1/month
updated January 2017